Health benefits of Oolong Tea

In Chinese medicine, the distinction between food and medicine is different from that in the West. Each food has its medicinal effect on our body. They can have positive and/ or negative effect, and in varying degree for each individual.

Tea is believed to have different effects depending on the type. Below listed some of the benefits of Chinese Teas as commonly recognized in Traditional Chinese Medicine:


Green Tea

anti-bacterial and anti-virus

lower blood sugar level

improves circulation

regulates cholesterol and blood pressure


Oolong Tea

prevent tooth decay

source of Vitamin C

good for the skin

reduce skin irritations

improve the performance of enzymes that break down fat and increases fat metabolism

lower cholesterol

Muscle relaxant in the bronchial tract

regulate body temperature


Black Tea

reduce fat

promotes dental health

stimulating the central nervous system

Enhance blood vessel elasticity and strength

promotes bone strength


Pu-er Tea

Help digestion

lower blood pressure

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