Taste of 4 seasons

The taste of tea is a summary of the weather during its growth. Of the same tea tree, each season produces a different taste.

Spring tea (harvested between mid-March and early May)

From December to April is the growing period of the spring tea. The tea tree slows down its growth in winter. From the start of spring, with rich rainfall and mild temperature, the young shoot is thick but soft in fresh green colour. The tea has a rich and full taste with lasting fragrance.

Summer tea (first harvest: mid-May to late June, second harvest: early July to mid-August)

The new shoot grows fastest in the summer heat. It is thinner and stiffer. The tea has much less fragrance and more bitterness. However, summer tea has a higher content of caffeine and catechins, it is better in making certain Oolong variant or red tea.

Autumn tea (harvested between early September and mid-October)

The autumn tea’s quality is between spring and summer tea. After spring and summer picking, the new shoot in autumn has a lower content in general. The tea taste does not taste bitter like the summer tea but rather mild and dull.

Winter tea (harvested between late October and late November)

Spring and winter tea are the better ones in a year. Spring tea is rich and luscious. Winter tea is mild and delicate. Which one is better? It depends on your personal preference.

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