3 factors in steeping tea – Part 2 – Temperature


Using right temperature water in tea brewing is very important. More than affecting the taste of your tea, the temperature also determines your tea’s caffeine and vitamin C content.

The amount of caffeine determines the bitterness in the taste, more caffeine, more bitterness. And it is the water temperature that decides how much caffeine is released from the tea leaves, the hotter the water, the more caffeine is released, and more vitamin C is destroyed.

A simple guide to water temperature developed by LuYu tea centre in Taipei is the greener the tea leaves, the lower the temperature. The water temperature is divided into, high, medium and low.

High (above 90-degree C)

visual characteristic- dark green to black in colour, ball in form.

graft style- heavy fermentation, high roasting

e.g. iron lady, DongDing Oolong

Medium (80~90-degree C)

visual characteristic- in leave form, slightly darker green tone.

craft style- light fermentation, light roasting, scented

e.g. BaoZhong Oolong Tea, scented Oolong Tea

Low (lower than 80 or 70-degree C)

green tea

e.g. Japanese green tea, LongJin Tea.

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