3 factors in steeping tea – Part 3 – How much tea leaf


A simple general guide

Large Pot

When brewing in a large teapot, it is recommended 1g of tea for 50cc water. The brewing time is around 5 min. The brewing time can be adjusted according to personal preference, longer for a stronger taste and vice versa.

Small Pot

For small pot, one can decide the tea quantity based on the form of it. For half ball form tea leaves, fill half the pot full. For tea in leave form, fill slightly more than half the pot full. And for full ball form tea leaves, fill slightly less than half the pot full. Finally for tea cut into small bits, e.g. black tea, start with little and increase according to taste.

A Personal customized taste

Everyone has a different preference and even the same tea from a different farm will not taste the same. We encourage you to experiment with the amount of leaf and the steeping time to your own preferred taste.

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