Coming from Taiwan, I am rather spoiled in having good tea easily, both in terms of, availability and cost. I only realized this until trying to buy  Oolong tea in Europe locally because good Oolong tea can be costly and still not necessarily good quality in Europe.

The Oolong tea often tastes old because they are not kept in vacuum before sold to you. They have been standing around in the shop or storage for a while. This causes the tea to fermentate further and the taste changes.

Due to the constraint of the typical business model among the big to the small Taiwanese Oolong tea importers, it is difficult to offer both high quality and reasonable price on Taiwanese Oolong tea.

 ‘Group Shopping’

This is a popular shopping culture in Taiwan. Friends and family approach producer to get a bulk order discount. Since there is no middleman, the price is very good for the shoppers. For the tea maker, no increase in workload on logistic and they can concentrate on tea making. So since 2015, with friends and family, we started ordering freshly made Oolong Tea directly from the tea farm in Taiwan.

We offer 2 group shopping event each year, spring(April) and winter(November) harvest. These are the 2 best harvest for Oolong Tea. The tea is always freshly picked and handcrafted at the farm, especially for our order. Then send directly to Europe for us. It is usually 3 weeks since the tea was picked from the tree when it arrives in your hands in a vacuum package.