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High Mountain

The tea comes from a farm high up in the Taiwanese central mountain range. Due to the high altitude, the tea is grown in a natural and unpolluted environment.

Pesticide free

Grown following the traditional natural method. No chemicals or pesticides are used in the process. The supplier has passed the annual Taiwanese official food safety test for all their teas.

Direct Sale

We order the tea directly from the tea farm without the middleman.


This is a whole-leaf Oolong Tea. Each tea leaf is carefully chosen and hand-picked at a specific time of the day and season, dried under the sun and then carefully roasted, steamed and fermented by hand.


Oolong (‘Black Dragon’) is the general term for all half fermented teas from Asia. Green tea is not fermented and black tea is fermented longest. Oolong Tea is fermented anywhere from 8-85%, placing it between green and black tea on a scale of fermentation.

Potential Health Benefits of Oolong Tea as commonly recognized in Traditional Chinese Medicine

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