High Mountain

The tea comes from a farm high up in the Taiwanese central mountain range. Due to the high altitude, the tea is grown in a natural and unpolluted environment.

Farm direct

We source the tea directly from the tea farm without the wholesaler. This is the best way to support the grower for their craft in tea making.

The classic way: try before buying

Like any tea shop in China, we offer free sample on all our tea to try, because we want our customer to buy tea that they like.

Introducing ‘Group Shopping’

This is a popular shopping culture in Taiwan. Friends and family approach producers to get a bulk order discount. Since there is no middleman, the price is very good for the shoppers. For the tea maker, no increase in workload on logistic and they can concentrate on tea making.

We offer 2 group shopping event each year, during spring(April) and winter(November) harvest seasons. These are the 2 best harvest for Oolong Tea. We collect orders from our Pre-order group members before placing the bulk order to the tea farm in Taiwan. The tea is always freshly picked and handcrafted when we place the bulk order. It is usually 3 weeks since the tea was picked from the tree when it arrives in your hands in a vacuum package.

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