High Mountain Oolong Tea 2017 Winter harvest (promotion pack)


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Origin:  a tea farm in the mountain range of Nán tóu County (南頭縣),  Taiwan

Altitude:  grown 1000 meters above sea level

Harvest:  winter 2017, pesticide-free, no added flavours

Craft:  by the award-winning artisan tea maker, Ā Wěi Shī (阿偉師), made in small batches, processed by hand.


Brewing suggestions:


5g of tea leaves, in a small pot (150ml)                         

1st Brew: 60 sec                                                                           

2nd Brew & 3rd Brew: 50 sec                                             

4th & 5th Brew: 1 min 20 sec

6th Brew: 2 min

7th Brew: 2 min 50 sec



10g of tea leaves, in a large pot (1L)

1 Brew: up to 5 min